4 Industries That Need SMS Marketing The Most

4 Industries That Need SMS Marketing The Most

SMS is a strong marketing platform for companies, as it leverages location data and speed to reach on-the-go customers effectively. SMS marketing became one of the most popular and efficient marketing solutions for a wide variety of industries. 

There are high open rates and response rates for SMS. Within three minutes of delivery, approximately 90% of text messages are read, and 99% are eventually read by the recipient. SMS can be used on customer databases to increase the number of customers, enhance customer support, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. So what industries need SMS marketing the most?

4 Industries that can make greater use of SMS Marketing

  1. Retails and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce are two of the most popular industries to use SMS marketing. SMS marketing is used by smart retailers and eCommerce to send discount codes, coupons, and future promotions. Since many customers are often flooded with SMS, you need to make yours stand out. Personalize your messages and send coupons and deals based on their shopping history. 

Text messages are very useful in providing shoppers with up-to-date information about transactions at the precise moment they occur. It can also be used in sending order receipts, shipping, and delivery status.

  1. NGOs / Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations have benefited greatly from opting for SMS blast and other SMS services. Sending SMS to target groups will boost charity event attendance and sales by providing updates and promotional material to opt-in users. 

There are a lot of successful case studies showing how SMS marketing is used by non-profit organizations to raise fundraising and donations. In addition, to ensure that activities run smoothly, SMS messaging can be used internally to facilitate coordination between staff members and volunteers.

  1. Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry has different ways of reaching consumers with text messages that can enhance the consumer experience. It enables customers to make reservations through text messages, instead of putting them on hold. It also frees up time for employees instead of taking orders to serve the customers.

The use of SMS marketing tools will help streamline the process by sending text orders directly to the kitchen. Competition for food and beverages is fierce. One way for your business to stand out from the rest is to send your customers your specials and promotions. 

  1. Finance

In the financial sector, SMS is one of the highly used communication tools. SMS keeps clients updated in real-time when there are suspicious activities in their accounts. This feature is especially useful as it is a convenient way to prevent fraud.

SMS enables customers to access account details anytime and anywhere by simply sending a text message for their “account balance”. Account balances and deals for loans and credit cards are also common ways of customer support in the financial sector.

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