SMS Marketing is Effective. Find Out Why!

SMS Marketing is Effective. Find Out Why!

At present, SMS Marketing is one of the most effective ways for small businesses to reach their clients. With its nearly 100% open rate, you can guarantee that your message will reach its destination. Therefore, the most successful way to get your message heard immediately is by using SMS marketing to advertise or promote a product, service, or event.

There are several reasons why your marketing plans need to involve SMS marketing. Aside from its high open rate, it is also relatively low-cost yet has a high ROI. listed down below key reasons SMS marketing is an effective marketing strategy.

Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Very Effective

  • It’s Direct

One of the most efficient aspects of SMS messaging is that it comes directly into the inbox of the recipient. The text message often remains as an alert to one’s mobile phone until it is opened. Additionally, customers don’t need to log in or open an application just to read your message as they would in email. 

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to reach your target audience with an enormous amount of content produced each day. However, SMS overcomes this difficulty by dropping directly into someone’s phone.

  • Short and Concise

SMS stands for “Short Message Service”. So, messages sent as SMS meant to be short, concise, and straight to the point. One reason why some messages get ignored because it is too long to read

In general, you would want to limit your SMS messages to 160 characters or less. By keeping your text message short you’re preventing your message from being chopped into two separate SMS and from looking spammy.

  • Most Emails Go to Spam but Not SMS

One of the many reasons why emails go to the spam folder because the receiver didn’t give permission to receive emails from you. Additionally, emails can be lengthy and contain spammy words and emails have low open rates as compared to text messages. 

There are roughly billions of emails that were sent and received every day. On the other hand, there are fewer SMS sent and received daily, so the probability of seeing these messages is greater. Generally, there’s a higher chance of delivering your message to your target audience using SMS marketing.

  • Campaign Report will generate a report so that you can track the delivery and click rate of your SMS message campaign. This helps your campaign to have a fast ROI analysis, using the data of the text messages you’ve sent. It will let you decide whether to continue sending or stop the campaign.

Get Started with Your SMS Marketing

Are you ready to include SMS marketing in your business strategy? The next step is to find out which SMS marketing platform you should use. is a web-based SMS marketing platform with over 10 years of providing SMS services and coverage to different countries around the globe. continuously provides solutions to many businesses to achieve their mobile communication needs. We offer a wide range of SMS services like bulk messaging, SMS blast, SMS API, and such. Visit and register at and get your free trial!

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