How to Construct SMS Content

How to Construct SMS Content

SMS marketing strategies are effective tools for reaching out to and converting mobile users into potential customers. Its potential is concluded by SMS engagement rates

In addition, people spend a daily average of 5 hours on their mobile phones. Therefore, considering this widely used method in marketing strategy could be very helpful for success. To carry out this success ensure that the message you’ll send is relevant and helpful to your target recipients. So, listed down some important tips on how to maximize your success and how to create an effective SMS marketing campaign content.

Tips for Creating a Successful SMS Campaign Content

  1. Get Permission!

Proper digital etiquette requires that only those who have given you permission to do so should be sent text messages. It’s very important to make your SMS marketing campaigns successful. This ensures you only send the right messages to the right customers who opt-in to your campaign. 

  1. Be Concise and Keep your SMS Short

Keep your text message to 160 characters or less and choose your words carefully. Make your message simple and straight to the point, announcements, offers, benefits, and rewards should be clear to your recipients. Also, try not to use all capital letters if possible but you can make important words uppercase to grab the attention of the receiver. 

  1. Include a Clear and Strong Call-To-Action

Your SMS recipients might be searching for clues on what they are going to do next. A strong and clear call-to-action can be the best way to make a sale rather than just being ignored. As a final instruction to the receiver, the best placement for the call-to-action is at the end of the message. Here are some successful call-to-action:

  • Show this text.
  • Click here.
  • Text-to-Win.
  • Text-to-Vote.
  • Buy now.
  1. Make It Urgent

Like everything in life, individuals are vulnerable to putting things off when absolutely needed. A perfect way to get customers to react fast is to make an offer or message seem urgent. By saying an offer ends in two days gives them a real need to prepare how they can take advantage of the deal when they read it. Instead of saying the offer ends by the end of the month, there are chances that during which time they have forgotten, and in their minds, there is no priority.

  1. Include an Opt-Out Option

Always include in your SMS a simple way to opt-out. Make it clear to your customers that they can stop receiving SMS from you any time they want to. Nobody wants to be bombarded with messages which they don’t benefit from. A simple and obvious opt-out option and process preserves your reputation and saves you money.

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