Why You Should Have SMS Marketing in Your Business Strategy_

Why You Should Have SMS Marketing in Your Business Strategy?

SMS is an essential aspect of all mobile marketing strategies. Marketing is all about communication. It is one of the ways to market your products and services more effectively and affordably. 

SMS marketing allows you to engage in two-way conversations with your customers through a device they always have on them. As a matter of fact, SMS marketing is more successful and effective than ever particularly with business to consumer messaging having double-digit growth.

To help you understand the full potential of SMS marketing, SMS12.click listed some of the reasons why you should consider SMS marketing to be one of your business strategies.

5 Reasons Why to have SMS Marketing in your Business Strategy

1. It is Time Efficient

As compared to email marketing, with SMS marketing you can easily generate and send messages to your customers without spending a lot of time. You can now send automated SMS to your customers like pre and after appointment care instructions or promotions. 

2. Straight to the Point Message

With SMS marketing, messages are straight to point, instead of having a long message where your customer might get bored. SMS marketing is best suited to send promotions, prompt alerts, and time-sensitive deals.

3. Higher Conversion Rates

A successful marketing strategy should enable the maximum number of potential customers to be converted to actual customers.

The conversion rate for SMS marketing is 8.22 % on average, far higher than the conversion rate for email marketing, which has an average of 1.73 %. SMS marketing’s high success rate and affordability make it one of the best marketing strategies for improving the ROI.

4. Brand Positioning

All the activities in your company help you develop your brand image. Through SMS marketing, you’re placing your business another step ahead of your competitors. It is a way of telling your customers that you are tech-savvy and up to the trends and showing them that you are finding your way to communicate with them. 

5. SMS Marketing is Worth It!

Unless you’re wary of using SMS marketing in your business strategy, by sending bulk messaging or SMS blast you could first try it with a few numbers of customers. It doesn’t cost much to send an SMS campaign to a list of 100 of your best customers. If you see improvements in your business then it could be worth a month of SMS credits.

If you consider SMS marketing to be one of your marketing strategies, visit and register to SMS12.click and get exclusive SMS services like SMS blast, SMS API, and such. Start your SMS marketing and be a step ahead of the rest! 

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