What is SMS12.click

What is SMS12.click?

SMS12.click is an SMS marketing solution designed for business of any scale. SMS marketing is one of the mobile marketing platforms whereby promotional text messages are sent to prospective and current customers. 

SMS12.click is used by many businesses to deliver messages about the latest changes, time-sensitive deals, product releases, and every other form of promotional information. Your message will touch a large number of potential customers with just a simple click.

Therefore, most effective organizations perceive SMS12.click SMS marketing services as an established method for growing sales and building customer loyalty. The average that customers will open the messages sent is 98% – through SMS blast and bulk messaging, this gives a substantial-high open rate to a well-planned SMS campaign compared with other marketing channels.

Get to know more SMS12.click

With over a decade of presence in many countries, SMS12.click has successfully supported many businesses and organizations across Australasia and Asia to meet their mobile communication needs. 

SMS12.click services provide coverage to different countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many more.

Discover SMS Services Offer

SMS12.click marketing automation platform helps users to create multi-channel campaigns, monitor interactions, generate subscription forms, target, and segment leads. This innovative SMS marketing tool simplifies the lead generation and customer retention processes and is able to send SMS within seconds. 

SMS12.click offer various SMS services such as:

  • Quick SMS (Global Delivery)
  • Long Code SMS (1-Way)
  • Random Number SMS (2-Way)
  • Short Code / High-Quality SMS
  • SMS API Integration 

Our SMS marketing solutions make it easy to send upcoming sales, store openings, announcements, alerts and notification, appointment reminders, and many more. It’s an easy way to connect efficiently with your clients and customers. Visit SMS12.click and sign up today to get an exclusive 3months Biibly (worth $96) for FREE!

SMS12 Click provides seamless and effortless SMS services directly from your smartphone

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